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Wincher SEO Blog Feature: How to Boost Organic Traffic with Rank Tracking

Julia Burova at Wincher’s SEO Blog recently featured my responses to how I use rank tracking to boost organic traffic. My responses…Read more

Post Quarantine, Back to Work Marketing Checklist

Communicate your business’ reopening plan to customers and prospects with this easy to do, back to work marketing checklist.

Despite relatively high optimism about…Read more

Thoughts on B2B Marketing Spend Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

“Full Steam Ahead” Probably Isn’t the Answer

How many B2B emails have you gotten over the last month that either start or end with…Read more

Field Report: The Cobbler’s Kids Have No Shoes

Companies in a surprising vertical are failing to start buyer email journeys upon web form submission. This small sample size study looks at how Salesforce partners…Read more

Real World Algebra: Data Management

Order of operations and solving for x make Salesforce CRM data load simple

Algebra is most peoples first math with letters and is all…Read more

Think Twice Before Clicking Boost Post

Advertising-lite features like Facebook / Instagram’s Boost Post removes a digital advertising knowledge barrier from the platform’s revenue generation pathway.

Does boosting posts expand…Read more

Why Having Google Analytics on your Site is Important

Adding Google Analytics tracking to your website is a free, easy addition that can help you grow your revenue
There are 2 main reasons to add the Google…Read more

CCPA: A Hot Take

Ignorance of the way technology works, like ignorance of the law, shouldn’t remove personal responsibility from the equation.

Views expressed here are exclusively…Read more

The Art & Science of Plastic Surgery Marketing

Top plastic surgeons are marketing their brand to take their share of the $16.5+ Billion dollar plastic surgery market

The demand for plastic…Read more

Getting Started with Google Ads for Small and Midsize Businesses

The first 3 steps to assure Google Ads success for SMBs are easy.

SMBs (small and midsize businesses) know that advertising online is a…Read more

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