Why Having Google Analytics on your Site is Important

Adding Google Analytics tracking to your website is a free, easy addition that can help you grow your revenue

There are 2 main reasons to add the Google Analytics tracking script to your website:

  1. Understand how your traffic uses your site
  2. Build audiences for use with Google Ads remarketing campaigns

Straightforward enough but the devil is in the details!  If you’re not sure if you have Analytics tracking script on your site (or don’t care enough to check!) you may be thinking “so what? I’ve gotten along fine without it.  Why go through the trouble?”

First of all, it’s not that much trouble.  Second, if in the future you feel differently then you’ll have to wait 90-ish days to collect a meaningful amount of data to have enough to work with.  It doesn’t work retroactively

Analyze User Behavior to Increase Conversions and User Experience

Conversions are the action(s) you want traffic to take on your website and can be anything from an e-commerce sale to filling out a lead gen form.

Using Analytics to break down traffic flows can help you figure out roadblocks to conversions like if traffic is getting stuck on a particular page or where traffic bounces away from your site.

The revenue-generating insights you can get from this free product  continue to impress me.

Google Analytics

Why Having a Remarketing Audience Matters

Where better to hear about remarketing than straight from the horse’s mouth? Via Google

It’s easy to use Remarketing if you’re already using Google Analytics. You can improve campaign performance by reaching viewers who have already been to your site, all without the need for time-consuming tagging for each new campaign.

Create and edit remarketing lists with ease, based on powerful Google Analytics segmentation capabilities such as pages viewed, location, on-site activity, and goal completions. Then connect the right audience with the right message.

Bottom line: Remarketing audiences make it simple to stratify your advertising efforts into a funnel- from interest to action. This stratification will improve the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

How to Install the Google Analytics Tracking Code

If you have a WordPress site there are a ton of plugin options that will make this very easy for you.  If your website runs on something other than WordPress, follow the instructions here.

Need help with Google Analytics?

Whether you’re wrestling with the Google Analytics script or need help with a report or view I am here to help.

Click through to send me a message.

Written by Erik Sunset

Written by Erik Sunset

Erik is the owner and operator of Sunset Marketing Works. Click to learn more about the author.

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