Ungated Assets #3 – B2B Time Spent with Suppliers During Sales Cycle

Ungated Assets #3 - B2B Time Spent with Suppliers During Sales Cycle

Ungated Assets is an ongoing series that breaks down a compelling B2B marketing stat that's been collected, validated, and made available to the internet at no charge.

Buyers are spending only 17% of their time* meeting with suppliers during B2B sales cycles.

The B2B buyers journey is skewing more and more towards an individual effort where buyers are devoting time to conducting their own research online and asking their peers “what are you guys using?”

Even more shocking is that in a multi-solution sales opportunity, buyers may only be spending 5% – 6% of their time with any one vendor’s sales team!

B2B Time Spent with Suppliers During Sales Cycle

The conclusion here is to have really strong materials readily available on your website like

  • Product pages that detail problem, solution, and outcome
  • A heavy dose of social proof
  • As many video assets as you can produce that are high-value and contextual for a B2B buyer doing their own research

If you’re not enabling the buyer journey when you’re not involved, you’re missing out on B2B lead generation opportunities you’ll never know about!

B2B distribution of buying groups time

If you're talking B2B Marketing stats on social, be sure you're talking #ungatedassets

* Stat and chart via Gartner

Written by Erik Sunset

Written by Erik Sunset

Erik is the owner and operator of Sunset Marketing Works. Click to learn more about the author.

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