Ungated Assets #2 – All Time Google Ads Spend

Ungated Assets #2 - All Time Google Ads Spend

Ungated Assets is an ongoing series that breaks down a compelling B2B marketing stat that's been collected, validated, and made available to the internet at no charge.

Advertisers have increased their investment in Google advertising every year since the 2007 launch of AdWords to a staggering $209+ billion dollars* in 2021.

Looking at the accumulation of spend in the chart below, the logical conclusion to the question “does PPC work” would obviously be yes.

The real question to ask here is “how much of this ad spend drives ROI?”  There’s no way to know unless you had access to all advertiser data since inception but I’m thinking it’s a fairly significant proportion- somewhere between 18% and 25% (or even more.)

Ungated Assets #2 - All Time Google Ads Spend
PPC Works for B2B - Google Ads Spend Chart

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* Stat and chart via statista

Written by Erik Sunset

Written by Erik Sunset

Erik is the owner and operator of Sunset Marketing Works. Click to learn more about the author.

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