Medical Software Company Increases Sales and Reduces Cost

Sunset Marketing Works Case Study

Sunset Marketing Works PPC + SEO Strategy Increased Sales 55% for TX-Based Aprima Medical Software

In the highly competitive arena of electronic health record (EHR) sales, high quality leads and net new sales can be few and far between- especially when digital marketing channels aren’t being leveraged effectively.

This Lone Star state software company knew they needed to improve their PPC efforts and that their website should be generating more leads.  By implementing a refined and cohesive digital strategy, we were able to achieve their objectives.

Key Wins from Sunset Marketing Works

  • Increased digital marketing attributed sales 55%
  • Increased average sale price 64%
  • Increased Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) 34%
  • Increased web traffic 14%
  • Reduced digital ad spend 36%

Pain Points for this Software Sales Organization

The EHR vendor had a great product and a successful field sales team but was not competing for new business effectively across digital channels.

Google Ads campaigns were delivering inconsistent results.

  • Lead quality varied wildly
  • Unpredictable flow of leads
  • Bloated ad spend was depressing ROI significantly

The brand’s site was not capitalizing on Top Funnel (ToFu) keywords.

  • No content for leads in the consideration phase
  • Nearly all target market traffic reached the site via branded search terms
Inbound email journeys weren’t being used whatsoever. 
Prior to our involvement, if web traffic converted via Google Ads or the website and it wasn’t sales ready, all efforts to nurture that lead were strictly a manual process.  The lack of automation equated to time lost working to warm leads on a 1:1 basis.
Case Study Medical Software Company Increases Sales 55%

Market Dynamics for Medical Software and EHRs

The move to electronic health records by physicians in the US was a long time coming.  For all of the benefits digital record keeping with an EHR enables, they can introduce significant friction and pain points for medical practices.  They are a significant investment in software, infrastructure, and time for doctors.  

Despite promises of efficiency gains and better outcomes for patients, purchasing an EHR doesn’t guarantee positive ROI for the practice.  Doctors know this and regard EHRs as a necessary (and costly) evil where the only thing worse than purchasing and implementing an EHR software is having to replace an EHR that isn’t meeting their needs.

At the time of our engagement and to this day, the EHR market was strictly a replacement market.  Meaning, physicians had already purchased their first, and sometimes second, EHR software.

How SMW Increased Digital Marketing Attributed Sales 55%


Ad spend had ballooned out of control with costs per lead (CPL) at 5-6x the level that it should have been.

A combination of efforts that eliminated high-cost but low converting keywords, the leveraging of remarketing tactics and custom audiences, and overhauling ad copy/creative minimized spend and reduced CPL to appropriate and expected levels.

Our PPC enhancements enabled new sales and positive ROI when this program was on the brink of being stopped.


Through a deep understanding of the buyer journey, our keyword research revealed that doctors and practices using an EHR that didn’t meet their needs were in a difficult position.  When the need to switch softwares became obvious there was a massive logistical challenge they faced.  

Content centered around “How to Switch EHRs” and “Best Practices to Switch EHRs” was created, published, and quickly ranked #1 on Google SERP.  This content, among other content improvement activities, satisfied a glaring Top Funnel lead gen need.

Marketing Automation

By removing the burden of manual MQL (marketing qualified lead) follow up, the EHR vendor’s BDR team was able to re-focus their efforts on supporting field sales activity.

SMW implemented medium and ad specific messaging that delivered to the new lead upon the completion of a form.  

Whether the form was hosted on a landing page or the core website, these messaging tracks were delivered instantly to guide and nurture the MQL through to SQL status.

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