Field Report: The Cobbler’s Kids Have No Shoes

Companies in a surprising vertical are failing to start buyer email journeys upon web form submission. This small sample size study looks at how Salesforce partners fail to initiate the buyer journey and what’s at stake.

If your business sold sold CRM setup and marketing automation services to end-users of the largest CRM software in the world (Salesforce) wouldn’t you use the same features that you’re selling?

In this instance the answer is no- the cobblers kids have no shoes! Only 1 out of 10 of the Salesforce partners that were sampled had any type of automated response to form submissions on their website in my experiment from January 2020.

The experiment and methodology was simple

  1. Find the business online
  2. Navigate to the business’s website
  3. Submit a form
  4. See if I was entered into any type of email journey

Only 1 Salesforce partner had any type of automated follow up and it wasn’t all that great, shown below. It’s better than nothing but isn’t great. How about a customer success story, maybe an assessment, a message from the founder?

Email Buyer Journey Example

For the businesses doing nothing with their form fills, how could you let web traffic that did the ONLY thing that matters on your website off the hook? Holding out websites that sell things, the most important thing on a site is the form fill. Form fills = new leads.

Read all about the analytics surrounding leads and opportunities here

Back to the all bold point made above, you gotta stay on top of them! Not all over them, more like within spittin’ distance. By triggering a series of email messages with tasteful timing and pertinent content you keep your brand top of mind and guide the learning of your new prospect. Forrester Research quantified that buyers are conducting about ¾ of their own research before buying anything. Take advantage of that dynamic instead of

Everybody’s buyers and sales cycles are different so the one-size fits all solution is to be sure you’re doing something, anything at all. Figure out what works best as you go.

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