Email Marketing Ain’t Dead



Erik is the founder of Sunset Marketing Works and personally ensures that SMW's solutions beat expectations.

Email marketing continues to drive results across Sunset Marketing Works verticals. If you’re not seeing results, you’re messaging just isn’t that interesting.

The truth can hurt but that doesn’t make it any less of a fact. If you’re not getting results from your email marketing activities the issue can be in one, some, or all of these areas:

  • The message itself -> think subject line and copy
  • Your positioning -> how you talk about your offer
  • The actual offering -> hopefully this isn’t the case
  • The audience -> hopefully this isn’t your problem

Sure there can be other reasons your email efforts stink: like your sender reputation is circling the drain or you are somehow sending to an audience that isn’t at all interested in your offer. But by and large, email ain’t dead and it ain’t dyin’ anytime soon. You just need to send better emails.

How to Fix Bad Email Marketing Results

Easy enough: write better emails, improve your list/audience, or develop a stronger offering.

For all 3 of these things, there’s nothing anyone can tell you to help you. There’s no quick fix. There’s no 10 step guide to help you send emails that get results.

Honestly you just need to figure out how to send a more compelling message. Start by thinking about a subject line that will get your audience to actually open the email. Next, don’t write. Just think about what message would actually be important to your audience. Features are way less important than benefits. How does what you sell actually help someone? Write an email about that with an easy-to-do call to action.

Don’t overthink it. Make the benefits obvious and then make the ask.

How to Write Better Emails

Writing better emails, or writing anything better, is exclusively up to you.

To get started, there are plenty of free resources available like CopyBlogger. You can also read the classics like Ogilvy on Advertising for a better way to get a readers attention.


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