Post Quarantine, Back to Work Marketing Checklist



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Communicate your business’ reopening plan to customers and prospects with this easy to do, back to work marketing checklist.

Despite relatively high optimism about a return to normalcy, US consumers expect spending to decrease across nearly all categories except groceries, snacks, household supplies, and at-home entertainment as illustrated below by the chart from McKinsey.

Pair that stat with the fact that 41% of US respondents to this study report a decrease in income1 and you’re left with a dog fight to capture what little discretionary spending Americans expect to have until June.  (Both of these sentiments refer to a next-2-week-period starting 5/16/2020.)

Back to Work Marketing Checklist

You Can’t Measure Optimism

Even though survey responses paint a bleak picture, consumers aren’t going to stop spending outright. Broadcast that you are open for business so you’re in position to provide value and make a buck while you’re at it.

Here are 3 marketing channels and 1 data source that need your attention to let everyone know you’re open for business. And, if your organization outsources some or all of it’s marketing efforts to agency like Sunset Marketing Works, recently named one of the top digital marketing agencies in Miami, be sure you let them know, too!


Get a banner onto your home page or popups on to your site to let your traffic know what’s happening with your hours of operation, changes to how your service is delivered, or to make post-COVID lockdown resources easily available.

How Your Business Shares News

Whether you primarily share news via email or social media use both of them to echo the same back-to-work information you’re putting on your website.

Pin an update post to the top of your feed for easy access and deliver that same message via email.  You can also consider separate messaging for the customer segment of your email list versus those who have not yet made a purchase from your business.

Modulate Your PPC Ad Campaigns

If, like many businesses, you made the decision to pull back or pause ad campaigns either get them fully back into production, revise your messaging, or both.

For a friendly sub-checklist, be sure to look at your campaigns in the following platforms:

  • Google Ads
  • Bing/Yahoo
  • Facebook/Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Using “boost post” instead of leveraging the full ad platform? Read why you need to rethink that strategy.

CRM + Sales Opportunities

This tip is specifically for B2B businesses or sales organizations.  Hopefully the sales team has been entering meaningful data and tracking their opportunities the right way.  Pulling a quick report and using that data will make resuming 1:1 conversations simple.

Make it Easy to be your Customer

Don’t overthink it.  You’re sharing information with your audience about how you’re reopening safely, what shoppers can expect when they interact with you, and anything else that’s important to your operation.

To recap:

  1. Get the update onto your website
  2. Share that news via social media and email
  3. Update any PPC ad campaigns that changed because of the lockdows
  4. Pull an Opportunity Report out of your CRM

Good luck out there!


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